When you visit a foreign place, few of the things that would probably excite you is visiting its famous destinations and meeting new people. In Davao, you can have lots of it. You can meet hospitable Filipino women and enjoy its cuisine at the same time. However, it is the food that completes your travel. In Davao City, there is technically no difference. Having a taste with its local food will assuredly make you feel like sitting on cloud nine. Prepare your taste buds as you will be introduced to some of Davao’s foodies!


  • Suman at TsokolateFile_May_14,_1_33_49_PM


This food is available just anywhere in the country since it is considered as a traditional breakfast set. Suman is a Filipino rice cake made from glutinous rice and is cooked in coconut milk and sugar. It is wrapped in banana leaves, steamed then served. On the other hand, ‘tsokolate’ is also a popular drink in the Philippines; it is made from a local sort of cacao called tablea. One of the best places to have it in Davao is at Seagull Mountain Resort in Buda Road. However, if you want to have it just in a city proper, drop by Habi at Kape in Abreeza Mall.


  • Durian CheesecakeDSC_0053


If you are not adventurous enough to taste a fresh pulp of durian fruit, this durian cheesecake is highly-recommended, especially for visitors. It is soft— it feels like you’re eating tofu. Durian cheesecake admiringly captures every visitor’s taste buds. It is also served with green tea cheesecake and sans rival which are also good. The best place to have this dessert is at Lachi’s Restaurant in Marfori Heights, Davao City.


  • Durian CoffeeCAfe-Demitasse


In order for local and foreign tourists to have a complete Davao experience, Davaoeños have brought the coffee lifestyle back into something that will always be sought-after by many people. And that is giving plain coffee a twist for a new taste. If you are a coffee-person, try this special coffee and never be hesitant to have some more. You can grab Durian coffee at Davao’s Famous Blugré Coffee.


  • Siomaimandarin-tea-garden


Countless people would say that Davao City has the best siomai ever. Due to its great-taste yet extremely affordable price, it is indeed a must-try. You can have this at any siomai restaurant in Davao. It may be in Siomai Size Is Back, Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar, Piggies Siomai and Refreshments and many more. With each bite, you will surely want to have more. Davao’s siomai is exquisitely tasty. Don’t forget to have a taste of it.


  • Seafood-in-a-bagBoiled_Shrimp_in_Cajun_Spiced_Sauce_with_Add-ons_Corn_on_the_Cob,_Sausages,_Potatoes


This dish in Davao, seafood-in-a-bag is not unique anymore since it is available anywhere in the country. However, Davao has made its own tweak for a special version of this dish— that will surely satisfy your palate! If you want to know how Davaoeños manage to make seafood-in-a-bag known, grab this delicious food at Blue Post Boiling Crabs and Shrimps in Lanang when you pay a visit in the city.


  • Tuna Pakfryoc-craft_food_trip_sunday_palovince_pakfry_king_(7)


Pakfry is a famous food in Davao city which is derived from the words ‘paksiw’ and ‘fry’. As the name itself suggests, this drooling food goes through two processes in cooking. The first step is to cook the fish with vinegar and spices and then deep fry it to have a crispy texture. Pakfry is actually made from a tuna tail, which is very abundant in Mindanao, Philippines. You can find this unique Davao dish at Palovince Restaurant in Dakudao Avenue, Davao city. When you come to visit Davao don’t forget to have a taste with this food.


  • Kalderoboimg_7018


Kalderobo is a davao dish which is derived from ‘kalderetang abodo’. It is a beef stew with a twist. This appetizing dish is one of the Rekado’s signature dishs. They are the ones who introduced the dish. Numerous travelers in Davao City seek for this dish because of its tender and tasty meat—the kind that will surely make you want to have more. Have a taste of this Kalderobo at Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine which is located at 1050 Jacinto Extension, Davao City.

Loving these famous food in Davao is just an understatement! When you get to visit Davao for the upcoming tour, do not just end with meeting beautiful women there. Go for exploring by filling your mouth with various delectacle, must-try dishes in Davao.


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